The Difference Between Different Pickleballs

I don’t know if you are aware of this, but there are actually several types of pickleball balls.

First things first, a pickleball ball is made of polymer materials with 40 holes in it, similar to a wiffleball. The diameter and weight of the ball may vary according to the type, ranging between 2.874 inches (73mm) and 2.972 inches (75.5mm) in diameter, and 0.78 ounces (22 grams) and 0.935 ounces (26.5 grams) in weight. It usually comes in three colors: white, orange, and the most popular, yellow.

You can play pickleball both indoor and outdoor. Thus, there’s a specific kind of ball appropriate for each court. This latest blog entry aims to identify the differences between an outdoor ball and indoor ball. In addition, there are now specially-modified balls that adapt well to the condition of both courts.

Outdoor Balls

The ball that is played in outdoor pickleball courts is thicker, bigger and heavier compared to an indoor ball.

Dura Fast 40, previously called Dura Fast 56, owns the bragging rights as the original pickleball and the heaviest ball in the market at one ounce. Like any other pickleball, it features 40 holes of varying sizes, enabling it to adapt the windy outdoor condition. Another outdoor ball widely used by pickleball players is the TOP Pickleball, which weighs 0.88 ounces and measures 2.9375 inches in diameter.

Onix Pickleball, manufactured by Onix Sports, just arrived in the market in 2013 but has steadily emerged into one of the most popular pickleball brands out there. It features a minor separation seam similar to TOP pickleball. However, what stands out in an Onix ball is its unique hole configuration and all holes are equal in sizes.

TOP, Dura, and Onix balls met the specifications set by the USA’s Pickleball Association and can be officially used in sanctioned tournaments.

Indoor Balls

Balls played indoor are generally smaller and a lot more buoyant.

The Jugs Pickleball, for example, earns the reputation for having a quirky bounce. It is made of soft plastic, making it one of the smallest (2.875 inches in diameter) and lightest ball (0.81 ounces) among outdoor and indoor pickleball balls. Jugs Pickleballs are only available in two colors: white and lime green.

The Midnight Indoor Pickleball is Pickleballcentral’s version of the Taiwan-made Jugs Pickleball. The only difference is that these balls are available in darker colors (black, pink, and indigo blue). It weighs and measures exactly the same as Jugs Pickleball and also has a fun bounce.



Big Hole Dura Pickleball is basically the lightweight edition of the standard outdoor Dura Pickleball at 0.9 ounces. It features thicker walls for durability and bigger holes for a slower bounce. As a matter of fact, it’s the slowest pickleball out there, and that makes it very compatible for beginners and players who want to play at a slow pace.


The Hybrid Ball – Onix QuiteBall

Onix introduced a few years ago its first hybrid pickleball – the QuiteBall. Although pickleballs are traditionally made of polymer materials, the Onix QuiteBall is made entirely of foam.

It’s the lightest (0.7 oz) and quietest pickleball, yet it bounces just as high as a standard pickleball. You can play with it in both indoor and outdoor courts.

The only drawback with this particular ball is it feels like you are playing soft tennis instead of pickleball. USA’s Pickleball Association doesn’t approve Onix Quiteball for tournament use, although you can still use it or recreational purposes.