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5 Reasons Why Pickleball is The Next Big Thing in Sports!

5 Reasons Why Pickleball is The Next Big Thing in Sports!

Pickleball has gained some serious strides in the past few years. All of a sudden, It has become the fastest growing racquet sport in the United States. No doubt in the next 10 years or so, this sport will get even more popular. In short, Pickleball still has a lot of room to grow. And if everything falls into place, this racquet sports will soon explode outside the US with more pickleball communities beginning to sprout in other countries.

Sure, there are many factors that have contributed to the sport’s rapid growth. However, these five reasons would probably sum up why pickleball is so darn addicting.

It’s easy to learn – Again, what makes pickleball so appealing is it isn’t complicated to play. You can fall in love with the sport in your first try without prior knowledge of the game. Pickleball’s striking similarity to more popular racquet sports like tennis and badminton allows beginners to pick up the game’s fundamentals right away. With just a few more tips from your coach, competing in your very first Pickleball tournament the next week wouldn’t be a surprising feat at all.

It’s a finesse sport – Whether you are already past your prime or just a new kid on the block, pickleball proves to be a sport for everybody. The thing is pickleball is a finesse sport at its core. Power has never been its premium. As a matter of fact, pickleball tournaments are often won by players in their late 50s and 60s. It only shows that age is just a number in this sport.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s always a good thing if you are a born athlete. However, being athletically-gifted won’t guarantee success in pickleball. Here, it’s all about ball control, anticipation and the knack of finding gaps on the opposite side of the court. These are the skills that will make you a winner.

It’s cheap – Compared to tennis, pickleball is a lot cheaper. Let’s be honest, you probably have to spend at least $300 for a durable tennis racket and a few more dollars to cover the yearly membership fee at a tennis club near you.

On the other hand, most outdoor pickleball courts are open to the public and free to use. A good wooden pickleball paddle can go as cheap as $13 while a graphite paddle just costs between $60 and $145. As for the balls, a dozen Dura Fast 40 – which is the standard ball for outdoor pickleball play – can be bought for only $16.

It’s a fun and effective workout –Seniors confessed that they love playing pickleball because it’s less tiring than tennis or badminton. Apart from being a finesse sport, Pickleball’s smaller court and lighter paddles allow players to enjoy the game with minimal effort. Still, that doesn’t undermine the fact that pickleball is also an effective workout. According to studies, a 160-pound adult can burn as high as 250 calories by playing a 30-minute session of pickleball at an average pace. The faster the pace of the game would be the more excess poundage the player would lose.

It’s an avenue to socialize – Making new friends is another bonus why you should start playing pickleball now. Pickleball is not just a sport, it also fosters a community of people who all want to keep their physical and emotional health in check. Currently, there are over 5,000 pickleball courts in the United States alone. There are probably a hundred more of these courts in foreign countries. The point is in these pickleball courts where new friendships are made and communities born. And for a growing sport like pickleball, these clubs are going to be vital for its development.