Pickleball Courts at Willow Park

Location Contact Details

Location Willow Park
Contact Name David Majick - Mary Bumstead (330-638-6413)
Address Russell Ave. , Cortland, OH 44410
Phone 3307204180

About Pickleball Courts at Willow Park

# of Indoor Courts 0
# of Outdoor Courts 4
# of Players (average) 4
Fee / Cost

No Fee – May be asked to join Cortland Area Pickleball Association (CAPA) but NOT mandatory for play.


Cortland Area Pickleball Association – Provides balls, paddles, court maintenance, secure storage, daily organization of play, and other added items or procedures deemed necessary by the members. Membership is yearly and fee is stated upon the CAPA bulletin board. Cortland is located three miles from Mosquito Lake State Park, which is the second largest lake in Ohio. (7,850 acres of land & Lake) Excellent fishing, camping, and water sport lake. Restaurants: Four star Italian, pizza shops, oriental food, McDonalds, Burger King, three home style restaurant. All within in two miles of the Willow Park Pickleball Courts. Unique courts that provided large area for play. Courts are shaded with water 100 feet from courts. Emphasis on recreational play in morning with one challenge court available. Evenings are mostly for 3.5 to 4.5 players, but at least one court is always available.

More About Willow Park

Days of Week 9am-11am Mon. through Fri. 10am Sat-Sunday