Pickleball Courts at Idaho Falls Recreation Center

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Location Idaho Falls Recreation Center
Contact Name Chris Horsley
Address 520 Memorial Drive, Idaho Falls, ID 83403
Phone 2086128480

About Pickleball Courts at Idaho Falls Recreation Center

# of Indoor Courts 2
# of Outdoor Courts 0
Fee / Cost

$3 per person or $2 for those 62 and older


This is a Classic Old School wood floor gym built by the WPA back in the 1930’s. The acoustics are loud and there are lots of places for errant balls to “hide”. If there are lot of players, the wait to play can be long. Conversely, sometimes there are not enough players to get a foursome going. Your best bet is to find three other players to go there with you so you know you have a foursome. Loaner paddles and balls are available. There are two regulation portable nets. There are some photos of the venue on this blog: idahofallspickleball.blogspot.com Listing created at 10 AM, October 31, 2017, by John Parsons, USAPA Idaho Falls Ambassador (#51407)

More About Idaho Falls Recreation Center

Days of Week 9-11 AM and 2-:30 PM Monday & Wednesday